Dr Alice

Dr. Alice is a neurodiversity consultant and ADHD counselor who often acts as a diversity and inclusion consultant and an executive functioning coach for adults with ADHD.

Presenting “IEEE P7010™ Standard: Use Cases in Ethical Impact on Human Wellbeing Studies” at the European Conference on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics today!

Today I am presenting on the IEEE P7010™ Standard and ethical considerations in AI development at ECIAIR (European Conference on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics). You can find more information on the project page on ResearchGate.

Hey God

Hey God(c) By Alice Vo Edwards 4/21/2019 Hey god If you’re out there… Can you hear me? I’m just lying here Sending up a prayer To the man upstairs. To the man upstairs Hoping that you hear my prayers Can you hear me? Lying here There’s nothing in this world More precious than this heart …

Suicide Prevention: An Allegory of Oceans and Emotion

(C) Alice Vo Edwards As a child, when I first began swimming in the ocean, family members and signs at the beach warned about the dangers of undertow, and invisible currents that unexpectedly pull me under if a wave swept me out from shore. I was not only told about the potential danger, but talked …

Don’t let COVID19 Increase Discrimination against Women and negate all the efforts we’ve put into workplace equality!

Perhaps you’ve read the news recently and seen the articles about how workers working from home are working three hours longer per day on average and facing increased stress, burnout, and health challenges as a result (2) On top of this additional unpaid work time, and challenges with time management, parenting and overseeing online education, parents …