CV & Resume for Alice Vo Edwards

If you would like to learn more about me, feel free to check out my current CV/Resume which you can download at the end of this page. But really, they aren’t very exciting and don’t really tell you much about who I am, as a person. So here’s a little more:

I am super passionate about the need for practical implementations and scientific thinking applied to real-world organizational problems, and for ways to support, and monitor how technology is used and its’ impact on people, to improve the positive benefits while reducing adverse impacts. I particularly enjoy working on projects that seek to take innovation out of academia and apply it to both organizational success and human thriving, to evaluate and test innovative implementations and possibilities for improving the world. I also enjoy being a “sleuth” and doing tests, evaluations, and audits of existing programs to evaluate adverse impact, as well as to validate hypotheses about program benefits.

I am intrigued by ways to use big data analysis to improve organizational performance and people outcomes, whether that be by auditing organizational policies and procedures and employment outcomes to improve processes or identify the hidden adverse impacts, or by using comparative data analysis to evaluate the efficacy of a digital health app.

I am always interested in connecting with others with similar interests, and/or learning more about opportunities to apply my management, research, and/or teaching skills in making the world a better place through applied practice realms.


If you’re interested in working together or learning more about my background and real-world experience, feel free to peruse this site.

If you are particularly interested in my assistance as a potential member of your team, you can review my sales & marketing resume below.