ADHD CE Class Proposed to APA

Today, I submitted a CE class proposal for the APA convention in 2019, “ADHD Across the Lifespan: Psychologist Roles and Responsibilities in Care, Implications for Women.” with a colleague. Fingers crossed! Would love to help educate all the rest of these psychologists about inattentive ADHD in particular and provide this training, education, and inspiration for how to better serve those with ADHD from school-age, to adult. 

It was quite a challenge to even find someone to co-author this with because as a student affiliate, I can’t propose any programs on my own. Participating in multiple APA divisions and listserv helped me out, even if my email looks crazy… I found someone who was interested and hopefully have made a new friend and future collaborator! Pretty cool. 

I hope this is the first of many opportunities to advocate/educate about ADHD and improve life outcomes for those with ADHD, especially girls with inattentive who are so often overlooked.

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