This is a home to link to some of the projects I’ve worked on. Also, check out my publications page for where I’ve published books, articles, or poems, or where I’ve presented posters or done live talks. 

Technical Projects

Edwards, A. V. (Jan 2022 to Current). ADHDOutLoud. The CEO Within, LLC.

  • MVP website launched Feb, 2022. Apple and Android app MVP launched on Apr 1, 2022for Android and iOS
  • 1000+ downloads to date

Edwards, A. V. (Sept – Dec 2021). ReachInNow. Flying Delorean, Inc.

  • Apple and Android app MVP launched December 2021.
  • MVP of multiple supporting feeder websites developed and/or updated Sept – December 2021.

Edwards, A. V. (2020-2021). Novel software for job seekers and talent management. The CEO Within, LLC. 

  • Edwards, A.V., Perez, T.C., Qian, X., Stilwell, M., Xie, C., Li, Y. (2021). TalentIQ (Version 1.0) [Computer Software]. The CEO Within, LLC.
  • AFWERX 21.1 AFWERX SBIR Grant Proposal submitted 

Edwards, A. V. (2020-2021).  Statistics Decoded. [The next generation of statistics calculator: AI that writes statistical outcomes for you]. The CEO Within, LLC. 

  • 2019 developed preliminary methodology. 
  • 2020 Pitched and obtained NSF Seed Fund approval to move forward with a proposal. Approved for journal publication with video-based online statistical training online. Pending development of strong proposal content and documentation
  • Edwards. A.V., Dhouti, J., Doshi, M., Mokkapati, P., Pauwels, N., Schulte, B. (2021). Statistics Decoded (Version 1.0) [Computer Software]. The CEO Within, LLC.

Edwards, A. V. (2016-2021). Automated Life Intelligence, Coaching & Education Software Application (A.L.I.C.E.) for Mental Health 

  • Edwards, A. V. (2016) Masters Thesis – initial concept for A.L.I.C.E.
  • Edwards, A. V. & Citea, I. (2018-current). Thrive: Your Mental Health Toolbox. [Suicide Prevention Application for Employee Wellbeing].  HLTHHack competition, Finalist June 2018. MassInflux LLC & The CEO Within, LLC. 
  • Edwards, A. V., Hosick, H., Kissler, E., Oliver, B., Saadat, J., Goldman, K. (2020-current). Lemon+Aid Collective (Version 1.0) [Computer Software]. The CEO Within, LLC. 

Edwards, A. V. & Citea, I. (2017-2021). MyCheerleader. [Alexa and SMS Positive Psychology Tool]. MassInflux, LLC.

Projects I Manage/Maintain