Why Emilia and I Designed a Daily Diary for ADHD Homework Help

ADHD Homework Help

They say necessity is the mother of all invention; it’s certainly true for Emilia and me. When my daughter was 10 years old, she told me about her dream of becoming a chemical engineer. That’s not as far-fetched as you may think; engineers run in the family, and she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father and grandfather.

Thrilled, I was committed to helping her in anyway possible. But, in practical terms, she struggled with homework and her performance in school didn’t accurately reflect her ability. In an attempt to raise her grades, we worked for hours every school night; many times staying up as late as midnight. Exhaustion, as you may know, isn’t exactly help for kids with ADHD.

Then I began looking for help for kids with ADHD. There were a lot of articles explaining what it was, but very few practical tools that specifically addressed ADHD homework help.

Studying for my PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychology — which focuses on deriving principles of individual, group and organizational behavior and applying this knowledge to the solution of problems at work — inspired the idea for an ADHD Kid Daily Diary. What began as preparation for 504 plan (formal plans that schools develop to give kids with disabilities the supports they need), quickly seemed to have a broader application.

I liked the idea of working with Emilia to develop a tool that could help her as an individual, but also groups and organizations. Knowing she was the expert about what does and doesn’t help for kids with ADHD, we made it our mission to develop a solution. Originally designed for ADHD homework help, we felt the need to expand the ADHD Kids Daily Diary to include sections devoted to daily chores, reviewing progress, and providing insight into time management problem areas.

We are so excited to introduce our unique, downloadable ADHD Kid Daily Diary, which is now available at ADHDKid.net. The personalized system will be help for kids with ADHD, and allow them to get a better handle on time management and scheduling, as well as encouraging the development of executive functioning skills.

The ADHD Kid Daily Diary is available as a pdf or customizable Word Document. Print out what you need, when you need it; experimenting with what is the best help for kids with ADHD. No need to carry around a bulky planner; a simple manila folder will hold a week’s worth of daily journal pages.

The basic printable template is available now as a PDF for $9.99 or as an editable word document for $29.99. To make the product affordable for as many people as possible, we are offering it on a “Pay What You Want” basis – either the suggested list price or a lower price (as low as $2.99 for the PDF and $11.99 for the editable Word document) for parents who are feeling financially stressed.

We hope you will join us in providing homework help for kids with ADHD. Pick up your ADHD Kid Daily Diary at www.ADHDKid.net, today!

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